Demonstration of a Humanities Data Library

The Sheridan Libraries have developed digital humanities projects for two decades beginning with the Roman de la Rose digital library that began in the mid-1990s to the current Archaeology of Reading. Over this time, the Libraries have systematically built infrastructure to browse, use and preserve a range of humanities data. This presentation features a demonstration of the Libraries’ evolving efforts to use this infrastructure for locally hosted data that is automatically compliant with the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF); IIIF-compliant data from other institutions; and data from other infrastructure nodes that are not IIIF-compliant. This humanities data library provides common access to data with different models allowing the data to be viewed and searched in various ways. Users can browse all data through image viewing and search or use subsets of data based on availability of metadata, transcriptions, etc. The demonstration will include feature data from multiple projects and showcase specific searches that highlight support for multiple data models.

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